Which blade is best for me? What's the difference between blades?

There are 3 types of blades. The
Carver, Forte and Baron. The Carver is recommended for coarse hair, the
Forte for most users, and the Baron for sensitive skin and/or fine hair.
All of them give a great shave but the comfort level changes depending
on your personal preference and skin type.

There are also 3-head, 4-head, and 5-head models. The 5-head models
have a strong following and many people fell in love with Skull Shaver
using this blade. The 5 head was the original Skull Shaver design that
won many over. However, as much as we love them, the new PRO blade
technology, which is utilized on all 3-head and 4-head models, has many
improvements. We listened to customer feedback and improved the 5 head
design with the new PRO design. We allowed the blade to be opened for
easier deep cleans and also sealed the drivetrain. With these
improvements there should be less wear and tear on the blades and the
motor giving your shaver and blades a longer life and you a more
comfortable shave.

The 5-Head and 4-Head models are meant to cover large areas quickly
and are intended to shave the entire skull quickly and efficiently. The
3-Head blades are designed specifically for the challenges of shaving
the face. The smaller blade profile more closely conforms to tightly
contoured areas such as your chin or jawline.

Any of our blades will give a quick, painless, smooth shave but the
best blade for you is ultimately up to you. Hopefully this helps to get
the best shave possible.

Here is a comparison chart going over the differences between each blade style:


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